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About PhantasmaGore

About PhantasmaGore

Who is PhantasmaGore?

Redefining Horror Synth Music. Welcome to the world of PhantasmaGore™, a pioneering Horror Synth Music project that is revolutionising the way we experience horror stories through music. With a relentless passion for the macabre and a commitment to pushing creative boundaries, PhantasmaGore™ is carving a unique niche in the music industry, captivating listeners with spine-chilling tales and haunting melodies.

Where Music Meets Art

Established with the vision of merging the worlds of horror and music, PhantasmaGore™ has become synonymous with innovation, originality, and an unwavering dedication to delivering an immersive audio experience like no other.

Each music single produced by PhantasmaGore™ is carefully crafted to seamlessly intertwine with a horror story, allowing listeners to embark on a journey that transcends the traditional boundaries of music.

The Gore – The Tales – Stories

We understand the power of storytelling and the ability of music to evoke emotions and transport us to “alternate dimensions”. We work tirelessly to create a synergy between the music and the horror narratives, ensuring that every note, every sound effect, and every word is meticulously crafted to send shivers down your spine.

The Experience

We take pride in our ability to create music that not only entertains but also immerses our audience in a world of suspense, terrifying encounters, and bone-chilling atmospheres. By seamlessly fusing elements of Horror and Synth Music, we have created a unique sonic experience that caters to horror enthusiasts, music lovers, and anyone seeking to explore the darker realms of their imagination.

Join us on this chilling journey as we continue to redefine the Horror Synth Music genre.

Embrace the darkness, immerse yourself in the unknown, and discover the power of music in evoking emotions that both terrify and captivate the human spirit. Dare to enter the world of PhantasmaGore™, where horror and music merge to create an experience that will haunt you long after the music fades away.

Dark Bones

The Founder – Music Producer

Passionate tea lover (DO NOT spill too much milk in the tea, you might end up dead), London-based Victorian Demon & Orchestra Conductor. Loves a nice run in hell and taking his hellhounds for a walk. A good book and single malt.

Reveal the monster

Zombie Sam

Zombie Sam is a London-based non-active Orchestra Conductor and eccentric music producer. ZS believes is very important to keep a balance between orchestrations, electronics, and the band (if the production is not a soundtrack) his work clearly evidences that balance.


Wordsmith – Writer

It took me a lifetime to discover the true nature of darkness. Yet all I needed to do was invert my eyes…

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He is often to be found working deep into the night whilst bent-double bedside a low-burned candle, or under the inimitable charm of endless autumn rain. And, whilst the summer months may hinder his creativity, he uses this time to pick through and prune such words as would accompany the dregs of a long-forgotten supper. They say that black coffee and iced chartreuse make up two-thirds of his blood type. I guess we’ll never know…

Burning Heretic

Writer – Overseer

She surrounds herself with cats, plays with potions and herbal remedies, plots on how to take over the world, and travels through dimensions. Extremely charming. Never accept a drink offered by her, you could never wake up!

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Sophia Aslanides

Sophia is a musician, artist, and professional overthinker. She loves communicating with furry and feathered creatures, Japan, and stuff that balances between creepy and cute. Associated acts: Season of Ghosts

The Pale Pianist

Co-Producer – Arranger

A Ghost haunting Russian mansions and playing piano scaring and screaming in weird languages. Loves ghosts pets, Vodka, and Herbal teas, and hates humans.

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Fatal FE

Fatal FE is one of the most successful trancecore bands in Russia, combining a variety of musical genres, such as – trancecore, post-hardcore, djent, electronic, dubstep, trance, and drum & bass, creating its own special unique sound.

About PhantasmaGore:

We are a pioneering Horror Synth /Dark Synth Music project revolutionising the way we experience horror stories through music.

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