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Cold Nights, Long Nights

The Story:

(The Author – LORDT)

The Ruined Plateaux, home to a carpet of broken bones fashioned from the bold desires of men gone wrong.

Even carrion shun the place, for though empty of life, there is restless motion…
The battered remnants of a castle gone to rot play host to specters and phantasms beyond reckoning, and among them, one grows bolder still.

Old parchments litter an already obscured floor, such scrawling as to warp the soul of even the most stoic of sage. Words of discord, of shape and texture. Fabricated by ancient minds, wrought by ancient hands.

Under long-forgotten treasures; bags of gold and gems, that catch what little light falls through, the curled edges of a bygone incantation lay bare to see. To bring forth that great miasma, to forward the night and fill long-empty corners with the amber glow of flickering firelight…

A shadow stirs within the glass. A flicker of movement seen against the gloom.
It is time.

And, as the page stirs between hesitant fingers, a reluctant flame comes to life.
They say seven candles should do the trick, but it’s never enough…

Cold nights, long nights. That’s what it needs.
And then, with overflowing ire, its curtain visage breathes into view behind the veiled reflection of failed endeavors. Sacred motions, desperate motions draw forth an ill pallor, a chartreuse miasma, the avatar of hate.

Though obscured behind false shadows, its condemning gaze beckons an orphic fugue. And through the hesitant fume of affection, it hungers to know more.

Visceral before long, such currents of flowing conjuration give no quarter. Echoes revel then, in that relentless place, that there is no knowing when it stopped. Ire begets ire, the aspect, and the face. And when the air grows thin, just before the silence…

A look within the silver glass, perfect, and yet forgotten, such fragments fly before the cries, and something awakes.

Fractures heal, and twilight fades away.
That face again. This time in wight.
A finger poised above the candle, and in comes the night.

What is the Gore?

The Gore is the unique platform where music intertwines with art, and brings together the worlds of horror and music with unparalleled innovation and originality. With a relentless commitment to delivering an immersive audio experience, PhantasmaGore™ merges each meticulously crafted music single with a spine-tingling horror story, transcending the traditional boundaries of music.

The power of storytelling is harnessed, as every note, sound effect, and word is carefully created to send shivers down your spine, ensuring synergy between the music and the captivating horror narratives. Find more readings below.

About The Author

He is often to be found working deep into the night whilst bent-double bedside a low-burned candle, or under the inimitable charm of endless autumn rain. And, whilst the summer months may hinder his creativity, he uses this time to pick through and prune such words as would accompany the dregs of a long-forgotten supper. They say that black coffee and iced chartreuse make up two-thirds of his blood type. I guess we’ll never know…

About PhantasmaGore

PhantasmaGore, a pioneering Horror Synth Music project, is redefining the way we experience horror stories through music. With a relentless passion for the macabre and a commitment to pushing creative boundaries, PhantasmaGore is carving a unique niche in the industry.

By seamlessly intertwining spine-chilling tales and haunting melodies, PhantasmaGore™ delivers an immersive audio experience like no other. Established with the vision of merging the worlds of horror and music, PhantasmaGore captivates listeners with its innovative and original approach.

Each music single produced by PhantasmaGore™ tells a gripping story, transcending the traditional boundaries of music and inviting audiences to embark on a journey of horror and suspense.